Old Meta Description on WPMU Dev Plans Page

I was just searching for something and found an issue with Premium WPMU Dev's SEO settings:

I searched "WPMU Dev Plans" on Google and I have attached a screenshot of the meta description:

Here at WPMU DEV we offer two different kinds of membership. You can purchase just a single plugin or theme, or a full membership, giving you access to 350+ plugins and themes!

Now that the WPMU Dev plans have changed (much more than two and not the same as described), the meta description also needs to.

I took a look at the plans page's source code (CTRL + U) to make sure it wasn't just a delay to be updated in search engines. and it wasn't!

Saw this and just thought that I would post it, so a staff member could fix it when they got a chance. not an urgent issue or anything.

Hope that it helps!