On a multisite - How can you control what individuals can modify in the blog template?


I was just wondering how I could limit what individuals who sign up can do to their blog? For example I might not want individuals to pink neon colors...

I know you can decide what themes to give them access to (e.g. membership level) but beyond that they would have access to maybe changing the look of it, which would result in not matching with the homepage...


Maria Cortes

  • Mason


    One thing you could do is give them a default role other than admin. If they were given the role of Author or Editor they'd have substantially less user permissions and thus not have access to the theme options at all.

    Otherwise, you could use a plugin like Admin Menu Editor to decide what they can see and what menu item are blocked.

    Showing individual items within the theme_options page would be something that would require custom development.

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

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