On a related question to the previous one, I investigated

On a related question to the previous one, I investigated the reason I had so MANY bounces (20% or 1300) and I confirmed with the hosting company its not the limit as was way below.

How does the system interpret and assign bounces? In my email account created for bounces I only have about 50 which seems normal. Where are the remaining 1250 bounces?


  • Patrick

    Hi @jenkisan

    When referencing another forum thread, please remember to include a link. Thanks!

    Bounced emails are those that, for whatever reason, cannot be sent to the designated email address, and are returned.

    If you are getting about 1300 showing up in the bounced list in e-Newsletter settings, but only about 50 actually wind up in your bounce account, something is obviously awry. :slight_smile:

    Is there any way you can check with some of the subscribers who are listed as bounced in e-Newsletter (and who do not appear in your bounce inbox) to verify if they received the newsletter or not? There may be some kind of miscommunication going on behind the scenes.


  • Jeff

    I can absolutely do that (and will check with some of these bounces if they exist).

    My question was more along the lines, does the e-newsletter delete bounced emails from the server or not? I'm trying to understand how e-newsletter figures out there are 1300 bounces form the system. In particular, e-newsletter under the bounce settings says it connects and deletes the bounced emails. There are 2 problems with this:

    1. If it is deleted the bounced emails so it can 'count' them and report, it is not deleting all of them.

    2. By deleting the bounced emails (if it is deleting them) I am not able to see what the error is on the bounced message. A server always replied with a message saying for example the user doesn't exist or the domain isn't accept anymore emails, or more importantly the smtp server reached its limit.

    Can we get an exact update on HOW bounced emails are dealt with in e-newsletter so I can investigate further.


  • Patrick

    Hi again @jenkisan

    Can we get an exact update on HOW bounced emails are dealt with in e-newsletter so I can investigate further.

    Sure thing!

    But I'll need to get the developer to comment on that, 'cos I honestly wouldn't have the foggiest idea what to tell you. :slight_smile: I'll flag him right away.

    Note that this may take a bit longer than a normal ticket as we've pretty much locked our devs away in a dungeon so they can code some really cool stuff for y'all :slight_smile:

  • Maniu

    Hey @jenkisan

    I tried to improve detecting bounce and here is step by step how bounce is detected:
    1.check if email empty
    2.check if email is email
    3.check if send_status = 'recipients_failed'
    4.check if send_status = 'invalid_address'
    4.after few minutes check bounce pop account to see if emails bounced(if yes, store this info in plugins db and try to delete email)

    Could you do the following test:
    1.enable debugging by changing line 62 of e-newsletter.php from $this->debug = 0; to $this->debug = 1;
    1.create test group
    2.add few members to it that bounced for you in latest newsletter
    3.try to send same newsletter but remember to uncheck "Don't send to people who've already received this:"
    4.see the log email-newsletter-files/debug.log and let me know whats going on it there. You should mainly look for something like"Send email error: ...."

    In theory - the fault is laying in server provider that does not allow sending to certain type of users and it is generating recipients_failed that previously were not stored as bounced and now they are.

    I hope its not much! I really would like to get it solved:slight_smile:

    PS. new version will add ability to resend newsletter to bounced emails - this should be helpful for debugging and making sure that there was not any temporary problem with sending.


  • Jeff

    Thanks tried to get the debug to work, but ran into another very serious issue.

    I have about 25,000 members loaded now divided into about 10 groups.

    The system crashes. I am not able to press Report anymore because the programming loads EVERY member into memory each time even if pagination is set to 25 for example. I had to deactivate the plugin completely because it blocks the whole dashboard when I press it. Also, when the Report does eventually load it doesn't show anything anymore even if there are for example 10-12,000 emails in the cron and it just doesn't advance.

    I like this plugin and it works pretty well, but now that I'm testing with some real world mailing lists it seems to break down. Have you got some feedback regarding this?

    I really appreciate it. I want to hang on to this plugin and help advance it but it needs to deal with these things. Thanks.

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