On Membership pages, it asks you to nominate a page for

On Membership pages, it asks you to nominate a page for Accounts.

I had an Accounts page and changed the name of the page to My Accounts . My Accounts page has the right code on it so the information appears.

The issue?

When I look under Menu - I see the My Accounts page AND a custom page called Accounts -presumably the latter is generated by SOMETHING / SOME PLUGIN but I cannot find out what is generating it.).

I have put both pages in the main menu on my site as sub-tabs to try and work out what is going on.

When you click on the following :
The My Account sub-menu tab is taking you to the About US page.
The Account sub-menu tab is taking you to a page that says:

"Permission Denied

Not Found / No Access

The page you are looking for either does not exist, or you do not have the permissions to access it."

Can someone advise what is going wrong and how to fix it please?


Site: http://www.publicaffairsrecruitment.com.au/wordpress (you'll see them both as a sub-menu of Register - under PAO community tab.)

  • Karen


    Thank you - sorry I have just seen your email

    I have given access and it tells me it is good until: Support access is ACTIVE until January 16, 2014 1:43 pm

    Gripe on finding support comments:

    (It wasn't turning up on my list of latest activity (another gripe - the set up is difficult to use/follow where you are at with the queries posted.

    1. You can't see all your activity from the WPMU Dev dashboard - and it repeats thigs (so if you have made 5 subsequent comments on the one issue (eg adding more info), you just see the same post listed 5 times!!!)

    2. You have to log in to the actual WPMU Dev site to see "all" your comments (in which case why even have an incomplete and therefore confusing, partial list of your comments/suggestions/queries in your WordPress WPMU Dev dashboard - all it does is confuse things.

    *****. Nowhere on the WordPress WPMU Dev dashboard does it tell you that you have to log in to the WPMU Dev site to see them all. ******

    3. Once you log in, I don't see all my comments/queries/suggestions listed. It isn't clear from the list if you are waiting for a response or the system is waiting for you to add something (ie who action is with is not clear).

    4. It isn't clear which posts you've already looked at and which ones you haven't - which means sometimes clicking on stuff you've already seen.

    (I am repeating it here as it is irritating - and I have already posted about it and I am not sure if anyone has taken any notice.)

    I am finding that I am not the only confused person.

    I find it very hard to follow and end up just going thru the emails to make sure I've seen everything.

  • PC

    Hello Karen,

    I see that we are dealing with a few different issues related to Membership plugin for you and this one seems to be sorted out.

    I have already forwarded your suggestions regarding making it easy for the members to followup on their threads and see the latest comments in the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin and they will certainly be considered to make it a better experience in the future.

    I am now going to followup on the other thread here : https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/there-i-am-using-the-membership-plug-in-i-used-to-have

    Cheers, PC

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