On the theme information page (where you go to install

On the theme information page (where you go to install the themes) one of the demo pictures shows a screenshot of the themes member page (image 4 of 7). in the screenshot there is an extra tab in between profile and messages called "sites' It shows the user has accessed 2 sites. I want that on my system so my users can easily get back to the subsites they are part of. How do I get it?

  • adtastic

    yes to the first question. thought it was yes to the second question but I checked and the last button for network wide sites was not activated. thought that was an internal thing so left it unchecked. but checking it solves the question and now sites shows on the member tab.

    but the worst part is a bigger issue arose. when I ticked the box I got a white page and now I only get white pages when I try to go into network dashboard. everything else front and back seems fine just network admin dashboard is broken. the site is fairly new and has been working fine very few plugins and nothing new. arghh..

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @adtastic,

    Sorry to hear about the white screen, let's dig into that deeper, shall we?

    Inside of your wp-config.php, could you replace this line:

    define('WP_DEBUG', false);

    With this:

    // Enable WP_DEBUG mode
    define('WP_DEBUG', true);
    // Enable Debug logging to the /wp-content/debug.log file
    define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
    // Disable display of errors and warnings
    define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);

    And then trying to replicate the situation (if you've already reverted the changes)? Could you then post the results of the debug.log file to pastebin.com, and sharing the link to that post here please?

    After doing that, then feel free to move the "blogs-mu" folder from wp-content/themes for the time being, just to remove the white screen. After things clear up, then move the folder back, but don't network enable the theme.

    Kind Regards,

  • adtastic

    Hi @michael55

    Thanks for the assistance. However. before we go this far. hmm.. well, now everything is there, no white page. It's happened a few times. Try to go to network, white page on all network admin links. Then a little while later, everything is fine now.. very weird. So before I try all this other ideas (which probably is no good when it is working) wondering what might be the issue here. Could it be some sort of php issue with eaccelerator perhaps I am wondering? Only thing I can think of different is I did install eacellerator a day ago on the server for faster speed. Since that does work with caching of php might something be at fault there perhaps or related to session control.

    I'm just grasping for ideas since I'm not a php expert or server expert just know enough to be dangerous but I've never heard of or seen an "intermittent" white page.

  • adtastic

    ok added the memory define. We'll see what happens. I've been working on the site front-end all night (we are pre-production on what I think will be a pretty cool system when we're done) - but point being been checking it regularly the last 4 hours or so and not a peep out of the issue.

    But when and if I'll apply the other suggestions and we'll go from there.

    Do appreciate the attention and response and troubleshooting from you guys.

  • adtastic

    Thanks for the info @Ashok. Looks like it might have been the problem, so far haven't had the issue. Learn something new everyday. But in thinking abut this- isn't that only as good as whats allowed on your server configuration. For example, whatever the maximum allowed php memory limit in your core php.ini file and/or allowances set by the server administrator. Just saying, in case others read this thread especially in a shared hosting environment where they might not be able to use this info very satisfactorily. In my case its a dedicated server so we can do whatever we want. :slight_smile:

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