On these pagination text, I would like them blue #4885ed and 24 point font size and black on hover

Hi folks,

I have enabled wpmudev dashboard support too (the below site is a subsite).

Also, here is the CSS section you can use if you want (or you can just let me know here and I can apply later ... however you want to do it .... smile): http://bit.ly/2aRwwTE

On these pagination text and links section, I would like them
blue #4885ed
24 point font size
and black on hover (if any part is clickable)

Example link: http://bit.ly/2auoooQ About half way or a little more down that page you will see these pagination sections http://screencast.com/t/gD5r4EDboe0

Having a bit of trouble finding the right combo of css without it effecting any other body text or other elements... Only want these elements effected only...

Let me know what you think.