On this page: http://asheida.com/home-2/ I can't get


On this page: http://asheida.com/home-2/

I can't get the paragraph text "Whether you are a singer..." left aligned with the text above it. (See picture). Also, I would like to remove a few of the extra lines between the text beside the picture and the text that goes full width under the picture.

I granted support access if you need to have a look (Note it's a copy of the homepage: http://asheida.com/home-2).

Here is the text for the section:
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<h3><span style="color: #c78640;">VOCAL YOGA (19+) </br>
at Roundhouse Community Centre </br>
March 21-25th, 2016.</h3> </span>

<p>Asheida is bringing Vocal Yoga to Vancouver straight from L.A. this Spring.</p>

<p>She’ll be teaching this workshop with Yoga Instructor Jacqui Willcocks!</p>

<p>The first of its kind here in Vancouver, Vocal Yoga is a mindful and fun exploration of the power of your voice. Practical exercises to release, align and engage the body, so that one experiences fuller range of their voice and connect with their authentic expression. This course includes breath work, yoga exercises specific to vocal support, toning and the use of affirmation/mantra to apply in daily life.</p>

[image src="http://asheida.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/vocal-yoga.jpg" align="center"]
<p>Whether you are a singer, mother, yogi, actor, public speaker or seeker, you are welcome to join the vocal yoga journey!</p>

<p>Asheida is an IVA Certified Vocal Instructor, Singer Songwriter and Voice Artist who has a passion for empowering others in their artistry and authentic self-expression.</p>

<p>Jacqui Willcocks is a Registered Yoga Instructor and Energy Therapist who supports one to tune in, balance and unfold one’s full potential. This dynamic duo is excited to share with you unique and transformational tools for your journey to greatness!</p>

<p>To register and find out more information please call Roundhouse at 604-713-1800 ext #1 or visit the Roundhouse Catalog online.</p>
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