Once I pay can I view in other browsers?

With PPV- should I be able to access the paid content on all browsers once I purchase or just on the browser I purchase with?

  • Alex Stine

    I am not to sure how the plugin works but I will still try to answer your question.
    1. If the plugin requires you to sign up for an account, then yes. You would just login with that account on a different browser.
    2. If it uses a cookie to verify that you have paid, no. Cookies do not transfer between browsers.
    3. If it uses an IP address, yes and no. If you are on the same network with the same IP then yes you can access the content in multiple browsers, but if you are not on the same network or have a different IP, then no because there would be no way to verify you since the IP that you bought the content with is no longer yours.

    Hope this helps.

    Alex :smiley:

    • Alex Stine

      Well I would not say that one is better than the other. Let's take an example out of the air here.
      I buy a song from you, my ISP (Internet Service Provider) changes my IP overnight. I go to download the song again, I cannot download it. What happened? My IP was changed, so no more song for me until I buy it again.
      Cookies can be just as dangerous.
      I just bought a movie from you. I go to download it in the next hour and realize when I close my browser it wipes out all the history. No more movie for me.

      So the best way to go here would be to register accounts.

      Alex :smiley:

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey KimAnn, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    If you're paying for a piece of content by either the "Period Pass" or "Recurring Subscription" options, then you'd be able to access it in other browsers, as you would first need to create an account on the site.

    As for the "One time view" option, a piece of content purchased via that option would be only available in the browser it was purchased in (as a cookie is created, that allows access to the content).

    All three of these options can be enabled & configured by clicking on the "Pay Per View" menu item in the Dashboard, and scrolling down to the "Payment Options" section there.

    Kind Regards,

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