One Custom Registration and Subscription Form


I am working on creating a single subscription website and I thought the “Membership” plugin would be perfect but unfortunately it seems that I may be unable to do what I need.

Please could someone tell me if what I need is possible and maybe point me in the right direct, here is some info:

I need to create a single form that I can display on a custom page that combines the registration and subscription forms into one.

I would also like to add the ability for the user to either enter their details manually or register using Facebook. Additionally if the user registers using Facebook then they would either receive a fixed discount or extend their renewal period by one month (essentially getting a month for free by using Facebook).

I also need to pass a custom variable with the form so that if the registration and subscription complete successfully then the created users account is given a “user_meta” that contains that variable.

Is this at all possible? I would be willing to hire someone to help with this as it is kind of urgent.

Any advice/assistance that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.