One (i hope final) More MarketPress Issue

Urgh, in all the time I've been a member of this site I've never had to ask for support like I have getting this MarketPress feature integrated. I'm hoping it's just labor pains before a magnificent birth, haha!

At any rate.

Aaron's code change fixed my last issue:

Now, I appear to have what looks to be a taxonomy issue?

/shop shows up just fine, and lists "most popular products" and categories without error.



as well as /marketplace

All return a list of every page I've created on the site, rather than the products that I've listed. Am I right in assuming this is a taxonomy issue? Any ideas on how I could troubleshoot this, or what the problem might be?

I appreciate the patience and support, and look forward to getting this launched to our community!

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya edhitors,

    Can you give a link to the site? Can you tell us a bit about your setup (excuse me if you've posted this elsewhere, I breezed through the linked thread but didn't see details of your site specifically) such as whether you're using BuddyPress and other plugins you may be using.

    Any cache plugins?

    We'll help ya get it sorted. And definitely sorry for the trouble!


  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Thanks we got it.

    I would like to know following details about your site/network:

    - What other plugins are enabled? (Multi DB?)
    - Where is MarketPress installed? (plugins or mu-plugins)
    - Which version of WordPress are you using? (I believe 3.1-RC3-17376)
    - Which version of MarketPress are you using?
    - Can you please double check your marketplace slug? You can find it
    in Network Admin dashboard, Settings -> MarketPress

  • edihtors
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey guys, responded via email as well, but copying here for the sake of others who might search this issue one day.

    1. The problem exists with all other plugins disabled, as that was the
    first thing I tested. we dont use multi-db at all.
    2. Installed in Plugins folder
    3. Correct, 3.1-RC3-17376
    4. Latest available version, 1.1.8
    4. Marketplace slug is set correctly.

    Also, have no custom mp- templates anywhere, as I never got far enough to bother start creating those (But did double check none existed from something else just to be sure).

    All said it's a totally bazaar problem, as some of the slugs work and some dont

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