One Master Calendar displayed in categorised Calendars on several sub-sites.


Here is the requirement we are actually looking for.

We need Events+ or another plugin creating a master calendar that can show his events on all three websites. The events should be automatically displayed on three websites as a calendar and not as a list!
Site Owners should be able to show events on one of the websites based on one or more categories or just show all events. The events should be stored in one place for easy maintenance and editing and should be accessible for any of the editors.

I tried with events+ the following on a standard seventeen template standard blog.
We created a Multisite
RootSite of Multisite
Site 1 we created Event 1A (with EventCat 1 and EventCat 2) and Event 1B (with EventCat2)
Site 2 we created Event 2A (with EventCat 1 and EventCat 3)
Site 3 we created Event 3A (with EventCat 3)

The Event Categories are on all subsites identical.

We created 2 widgets on the Home Page of each site. One displaying the global calendar and the other the Local Calendar with only the events of the site.

There is, unfortunately, no way to choose a category for the global or local calendar and there is also no i.e. dropdown available to get a better overview of especially global events and display only the events of a chosen category (i.e. chosen via drop-down)

The Overview Page shows the Calendar (Month)
but unfortunately, only the events created for that site! and not all events from the Global Calendar and there is also no Category Chooser which would be very important on the Home Page Calendars. On the events Page Calendars those categories could be chosen via shortcode as I understood it but it is not really working!

The Post Indexer is activated.
What is the post type of Events - as this might be a problem!

Thanks ( I granted also access by the way)

Kind regards

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Andi,

    Events+ post type is incsub_event and that's what needs to be added in Post Indexer in order to show index network events.

    Once that is done you can use network attribute in calendar shortcode and that will show the events from entire network, like this:
    [eab_calendar network="yes"]

    There's also categories attribute that you can use and that shortcode would look like this:
    [eab_calendar categories="52,26,37"]
    However this attribute can only be applied to events for single sites, it will not work on network calendar.

    I have tested both shortcodes on my network installation and they are working fine, you may need to wait a bit for events to get indexed by Post Indexer before they are shown in calendar.

    So filtering network events by category is not possible I'm afraid and it would require custom development to accomplish.
    If you need to customize this then you can post a job in our jobs board where you can hire a developer to assist further:
    Please note that, no WPMU official staff members are allowed to work in the job board.

    Best regards,

  • Andi

    Thanks Predrag it is what I thought, we meanwhile used My Calendar - is not optimal but has much more options and is much easier to configure for the customer. Bad thing that here you always get directed to the root calendar page so all data gets stored there - and it has lots of accessibility features which were needed too. i.e. for blind and deaf people.

    Accessibility is unfortunately missing in all WPMUDEV plugins

    Thanks for helping

  • Andi

    Hi, Predrag this is very good news I would recommend using the features which are already implemented in my calendar as meanwhile, a second company liked to use my calendar solely as it seems to have the only really accessible calendar until now. Probably forward my calendar to the developer to use GPL v.2 stuff and making things faster to become true.
    Kind regards

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