One of my Client Websites seems broken - I need to be able to sort it out ASAP


I've just installed a few WPMUDev plugins on all three client websites that I manage and one of them has this broken robot picture on it ever since I did that. Could someone please have a look into this for me asap and tell me what's gone wrong and how to fix it?

I've installed Hummingbird, Defender, WP Smush Pro and Smartcrawl. When I go in to the Theme options when I log in to the wp-admin, it looks fine on that screen, but if I visit the website, there is a blue robot in the top right of the page and that is messing up the layout of the rest of the page. How can I get that robot to go away?

Also - I've installed Snapshot and I thought I set it to make an automatic backup every day at 11:00, but my WPMUDev hub says that there are no backups done. Could someone please help me to set that up properly too?

Thank you.