One page checkout in marketpress


Just purchased the MarketPress Pro plugin. I have read the tutorial and watched all the videos.

What I want to do is to replace the wp e-commerce plugin I am running on my live site.

What I want to do is implement "one page checkout", as described below.

The function is as follows:
1. The visitor comes to the site, that has only one product
2. The visitor comes presses the "buy now" button. He is directly sent to the chart page, where a product has been added. On that page there is a form with shipping information. The customer fills this in and choses payment gateway, either manual payment or PayPal.
3. The customer presses "confirm", and gets sent either to the paypal page or to a page confirming that he will be manually billed.

You can see the current setup on the live site

I have a test site where I am attempting to integrate Marketpress e-commerce: and I have several problems:
1. How to I change the payment flow so that the information on the "Review Cart" and "Shipping" pages are shown on the same page?
2. How do I change the text on the button from "Continue Checkout" to "Confirm purchase", and go directly to "Order Complete?
3. Where do I change the styling of the pages in the payment funnel?

thanks in advance, cheers