One Problem Partly Solved – Now About Using Virtual Assistant


George Thank you for your response.

I did indeed also have a free account and the user name in free account was same as nickname in paid account. So PC was like myself… a bit confused to say the least.

Now let me address my second issue:

Regarding your question about working with us, any openings will be advertised here…

Let me rephrase my query.

The Question:

How do I integrate using a virtual assistant with WPMU platform?

Btw, I find the font that I see while typing this ticket a bit hard to decipher.

a looks like e and e looks like a or even e. Sometimes even a looks a bit like a.

The main drawback is that it is hard to see if I mis-spelled words.

Even now when I typed mis-spelled you want to see the list of optional replacements I was offered be spell checker, though none of them looked logical.

On my PC now(within the ticket creation window/box) but not when reading ticket on the forum page, an e looks like the s. Or is that e?

So is the font problem for me on WPMU or is it my PC?

Good luck, Mort aka Colm

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @colm

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    As mentioned by @george Michael is his email reply, any job openings here will be posted at

    But I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean by "integrating a virtual assistant with WPMU platform". Can you please clarify exactly what you mean by that?

    As for the font on the ask-a-question form, the one used is "freight-sans-pro", with a font-weight of 500 (medium):

    If that font is not available on your device, it defaults to whichever sans-serif font is available on your device:

    Below is an image of what I see. Is what you see on your device much different?

  • Mort
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Patrick.

    Where did you get that name from?

    To clear one thing up, I am not looking to be employed by WPMU.

    Anyway the only real issue is re “virtual assistant”.

    If I have a virtual assistant employed can I give the VA access to my WPMU account?

    Good luck, Colm.

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Colm,

    Hope you’re doing well today!

    Sharing accounts is not allowed as per our terms and conditions; however, you can login to the dashboard on your site and create them an admin user with access to the WPMU DEV Dashboard to install/update/remove our plugins/themes as needed :slight_smile:

    By default only the admin that installs and activates the WPMU DEV Dashboard has access to it; however, you can define access to other users by using this constant in your wp-config.php:

    define('WPMUDEV_LIMIT_TO_USER', '1, 10');

    Replace “10” with the user ID of your VA’s account :slight_smile: I’m assuming “1” is the user ID of your account on your site so you can just leave that one as is.

    Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.



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