One service, two providers - is there a way to avoid the client having to choose a service provider?

I am trying to solve a problem on my main site so have created a simplified test scenario here

I have one service, which is available on Fridays between 11am-12.20pm.
However, on occasional Fridays (in the linked example it is 29 Nov and 6 Dec), the provider can only work 1pm-1.20pm.

I therefore created a dummy service provider who works these times on these dates.

My front end calendar displays the service and the drop-down to choose between the service providers... but this is undesirable because I don't want the client to have to choose service provider... it's just a dummy!

How do I solve?

PS I can't create another 'service' with an associated provider and then have the calendar display ALL services/all providers. This is because I already offer appointments for other services elsewhere on my site!

Am I asking too much of the plugin?
I'm sure someone has thought a way around this logic problem!

  • starkie
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    Hi, no, if I do this all availability disappears - you don't see any of the providers' available slots.

    This is because I have "no specific provider" set to NOT working on Fridays. Conversely, if I set "no specific provider" to be YES to working on Fridays then EVERY slot on Friday becomes available EVERY Friday.

    It is as if "no specific provider" is being treating as a super-service-provider!

    @Alexander - I understand what you're suggesting because I have successfully run a calendar for my other service over the last twelve months, processing many hundreds of appointment bookings. But with that service there isn't the nuance required here - where appointments slots are a certain set of times one week, then a different set of times the next week.

    I suspect I must be doing something wrong because it must be possible - someone must have had to do this (can't find anything in the forums).

  • Alexander
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    Hi @starkie,

    I'm sorry for the delay. I've done some testing here, and I can confirm what you're saying. If you have different general working hours, those will be used instead. Unfortunately, there really isn't a best of both worlds for this scenario.

    To have that kind of flexibility, you'll need to allow a service provider to be chosen, or adjust your general hours.

    The exceptions wouldn't work either, because you're only changing the availability for a particular day, not having a day added to the calendar.

    This kind of repeating exceptions, or varying schedules from week to week would definitely make a good feature for this plugin. I will move this to Features & Feedback though so we can see what other community members think, and so it can be considered for future development.

    Best regards,

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