One service, two providers – is there a way to avoid the client having to choose a service provider?


I am trying to solve a problem on my main site so have created a simplified test scenario here

I have one service, which is available on Fridays between 11am-12.20pm.

However, on occasional Fridays (in the linked example it is 29 Nov and 6 Dec), the provider can only work 1pm-1.20pm.

I therefore created a dummy service provider who works these times on these dates.

My front end calendar displays the service and the drop-down to choose between the service providers… but this is undesirable because I don’t want the client to have to choose service provider… it’s just a dummy!

How do I solve?

PS I can’t create another ‘service’ with an associated provider and then have the calendar display ALL services/all providers. This is because I already offer appointments for other services elsewhere on my site!

Am I asking too much of the plugin?

I’m sure someone has thought a way around this logic problem!