One subsite's products are not displaying in Global Marketplace

I have a subsite on a marketpress-based network that is not getting it's products displayed in my marketplace.

I've double-checked everything that I can think of about the site. Search engines are not blocked. The site is marked as public in the MU settings, it also not marked as mature. (I am aware already that Marketpress honors all these things). When adding a post to the blog on the site, it gets picked up correctly by both BuddyPress activity and by the Post Indexer plugin (as well as the related widget). Additionally, my BuddyPress also picks up whenever a product is added or updated correctly.

Even after checking all that and testing all the other possibly related items (which work as expected) what would make this one site's products fail to display in the global marketplace?

  • Saunt Valerian

    Figured out the problem, and this very well might be something that you'll want to let Aaron or one of the other developers know about. I'm this one a compatibility bug.

    The issue came with the Anti-Splog plugin. As I mentioned, the site was made a false positive a few weeks ago and has since been set as ignored. However, I remembered that the Global Products for the main site is a different table in the database and that it gets built when a product is added. We figured this out when we updated an existing product and it caused it to appear in the global products listings. I then realized that when the site was marked as spam, the products must have been deleted from the global products table when the site went into spam storage.

    When I unspammed the site and brought it out of spam storage, the products were not automatically added back into the global products table. I would consider it a bug, but not a huge one. However, every now and then a marketpress subsite will get market as spam on the network, we were lucky that this site only had 50 products on it. Imagine someone with 300 products on a site, that would take a while to repopulate the global products table, because currently, the only way to do it is manually, one product at a time.

    In this case, went through the site's whole product list using Quick Edit and hitting the Update button for each one. With her 50 products it was no big deal, but I can imagine it would be pretty painful if there were more.

    Perhaps marketpress needs a way to recount the products across the network so that it can rebuild the global products table in the database? Maybe it can hook into Post Indexer since that already has a recount/rebuild function.

    I'll leave this as unresolved for now until one of the staff is able to view it and give some feedback.

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