One Template for multiplate subsites question.


With the New Blog Template . . .

So, we can have a Template to where when changes are made to the template then those changes are then rolled out to all the other subsites that are using that New Blog Template BUT it would still retain all of their individual content and changes they make too?

How does that work?

I am wanting to have a template used for some students where they all have the same thing initially. Then, they can adjust and make it do what they want. Then, if we every update the main template the core changes will adjust but will not erase the individual student subsite work either.


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Greg,

    Blog Template consists of a few things - theme, content, users. When new subsite is created with blog template it will get those things: its active theme will be one used by template and it will be created with the same content and/or users (depending on your settings).
    After that - only thing that will link new subsite to template is active theme. Every change made in template site will be not applied in to subsites that are using this template. So if you add new page to this template it will not show in subsites - only sites created after change will get that new page.

    It looks different when you actually change code of the theme - because theme directory is one and subsites are using it. So in this case change will be applied for all subsites that are using this theme.
    Your users cannot change theme code - only Super Admin can do that.

    Hope that helps.

    kind regards,

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Greg,

    Like I wrote before after new subsite is created it is no longer related to Blog Template. You can change this New Blog template (change theme, change content, add pages, posts, users) - those changes will be only applied for new subsites that will be created with updated Template.

    You cannot change existing subsites with New Blog Template - this plugin is only for creating new blogs. After blog is created there is no possibility to change it with New Blog Templates.

    You can only manually edit theme files an this will only change theme (not the whole subsite).

    If you want to add new pages/posts to those 100 subsites then you can use this plugin

    You can also try this plugin - but you have to be very careful to not override content for each subsite - but with it you can copy settings for subsites.

    kind regards,

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