One-time Payment and Drip Content Combined in Membership

I am setting up an online health coaching program. I am trying to configure Membership to handle this program. Here's what I need to do:

1) Charge a one-time payment for one-year access to the site (no recurring payments)
2) Start on one level and progress the client through 6 levels over 6 weeks ("drip" the content one level a week) - using subscription levels?

I am unsure how to set up Membership to do one-time charge up front then move someone through subscription levels (drip the content) without additional charges.

I have searched the Forum here, read the manual and watched the video tutorial, but can't seem to get my head around how to do this. I have set-up access levels for the modules. I have partially set up subscription levels for each weekly release. Just not sure how to set up timing, prices and durations for the subscription levels.

Flow would look like:

Module 1: days 1-7 (access level 1)
Module 2: days 8-14 (access level 1+2)
Module 3: days 15-21 (access levels 1-3)
Module 4: days 22-28 (access levels 1-4)
Module 5: days 29-35 (access levels 1-5)
Module 6: days 36-365 (access levels 1-6)

Suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!