One user adding multiple websites to one admin. And reoccurring billing

I have a question as to whether prosites will fit my scenario.
I will be offering for price #1 an admin area with some plugins, prebuilt website and store. For price #2 an additional website/store will be added. Price #2 website/store can be added on as many times as desired by the original purchaser of price #1 who will sell the each of his #2's to his clients.
Can Prosites do this?
And is there a way to have the original purchaser of #1 have automatic reoccurring payments like I will have with prosites?

Thanks in advance for the support

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Ben,

    In Pro Sites its possible for one user to buy multiple sites and have recurring payments. However it doesn't work like that you buy one page with default set of the plugin and then for different price you are adding new ones with the same set.
    Pro Sites levels are separate, have separate set of plugins for all levels and its not possible to force that user has to buy one level and if they want more sites they have to use another level.
    its possible to admin of one site to buy multiple sites with the same set of plugins, but you would need to have one same level with the same price.

    Pro Sites wont be able to handle payments from your clients to their clients. Only from you to your clients.

    Let me know if you have more question.

    kind regards,

  • Nithin

    Hi Ben Smith,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    I would have just one level, a paid level with one price. Then They (admin) could add that same level again to get a second site with the same price.

    This would be how it'll work, admins can signup for a new site, and if you are limiting it to one level, then it does sound like the mentioned configuration would work for you.

    Their website is preloaded with products and I need a Paypal Parallel or Masspay plugin.
    Do you have one or point me in the right direction.

    At the moment, Pro Sites only support PayPal Express/Pro Checkout, and Stripe Gateways, and manual Payments. Other than that, I'm afraid, it would require custom coding to integrate these mentioned gateways.

    If you are considering custom development to integrate these payments, you can check this in the Jobs & Pros section, in order to got this sorted with a help of a professional. Please do note members found in the Jobs & Pros section are individuals, and doesn't have any affiliate with WPMU DEV.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you still need any further assistance. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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