only 3 (of 6) Service areas rendering on home page

We have 6 'Service' boxes containing info, only 3 are rendering. Its set to "service-mode". Any ideas? Is this something that others are experiencing after updating?

p.s. because we are still in development and I wanted to wait for at least 3.3.1 patch, I am still running 3.2.1, but plan on upgrading before we roll out the site. would updating to 3.3.1 fix this?

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    Hi 720creations,

    I'm not totally sure that's related to the WordPress version, I don't have an older WP version site to test that through currently.

    I did notice in a couple tests that if an image wasn't specified for some of the services, they didn't get shown for some reason.

    Could you maybe try ensuring there's an image setup for them?

    Also, the latest version of the theme actually has 9 service areas. As you only mentioned 6 I was wondering are you using the latest theme version?


  • 720creations
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    ok adding a generic image seems to fix the problem, in previous version it just generated the generic one.... though the weird thing is that for Service #5 the image uploader isn't rendering at all, weird.. I used #6 and #7 instead and skipped #5.. and it seems to work. (see screenshot)

    You are correct, the newer version has 9 Service areas, but we only require 6.

  • 720creations
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    not really sure because if the text saved, it doesn't render on frontend because there is no image, which I can't add because image uploader mysteriously not rendering.

    I had to install theme in an isolated sandbox for other reasons. just looked and this issue isn't being replicated - image uploader appearing for all. So for some reason theme is acting really weird for me, it seems like in more than one way.

    Thanks for looking into it, and hopefully others aren't having issues with uploader.

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