Only 5 of 16 units are showing up on a CSSless page

Only 5 of 16 units are show up on a CSSless page for a clients site that is a Multisite install.

I have tried various User Role Plugin editors to try to fix it but nothing is working.

I’ve deactivated all plugins, didn’t fix it.

I changed a test user from Subscriber to Administrator, and it can see the full page. But there isn’t a option that gives more permissions to the Subscriber that lets them see.

I’m also using Theme My Login plugin.

The course is starting tomorrow evening Central time or Wednesday at the latest to have the tech side working. So am under a time pressure.

I have Support Staff Access enabled.


P.S. With User Role Editor Plugin, I’ve created the role of “Member” and clicked all the options that I think could be applicable, but it still isn’t working. Attached a screenshot of the entire page.