Only One Subscription at a Time? Still true?

In (#317397) it says:

" if member has more that one subscription how their rules are working together? What rules take precedence - positive or negative ones?

Members are not allowed to have more then one subscription or level and there is nothing more I can say about that so it makes this a moot point."

I have been operating on the assumption (from what I read) that you CAN have more than ONE Subscription at a time.

Which is true?... as it makes a BIG difference in how things are set up!

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    Hello there Karen,

    Thanks for your post.

    I'd not comment on the old post as the plugin has changed since then however for now, if you are assigning multiple subscriptions to a user, which would result of them being on multiple access levels, so if something is restricted on a level and is allowed on other level, the user would have access to that thing.

    However, just to make sure, I would like to confirm this with our lead developer @Eugene Manuilov as I remember him making some changes regarding the multiple access levels in one of the past releases and I am not 100% sure on what that was.

    He should be here sooner than later.

    Cheers, PC

  • Karen
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    Thanks for checking.

    I had the understanding that you could have several Memberships / subscriptions.

    What if you wanted to take out a subscription which took you though a Beginner then Advanced Chinese cooking information (access levels) (ie a Chinese food series =Chinese Subscription ) on a food site?

    If they also had a Japanese Subscription (Basic and Advanced cooking Access levels) would you be prevented from having that at the same time as the Chinese cooking subscription?

    Are you saying they cannot sign up to Chinese and Japanese subscriptions at the same time?

    That would be odd.

    It is like be signing up to APC Magazines (ie become a member) and not able to take out a subscription for Real Living magazine as well as for Motorcycle Magazine.

    If they wanted the Japanese and a Mixed Cultures series (which included some japanese "lessons" (access levels)) - would that be a conflict. If they Signed up for European food series (non-Asian food access vs positive European) and then wanted Asian food series - wouldn't that be the same issue you are referring to?


    I am assuming that Memberships offer a range of things they can pay for - and they can pick what they want. Otherwise you can only have ONE membership at a time.

    Thanks for any clarification.

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