Only show some subscription options?

I am using the membership plugin and planning out my user levels and subscriptions. This is the scenario I think I want.

Access Levels

– Level 1

– Level 2

– Level 3

Subscription Plans

– Free

– Premium

So in the end there will be 6 subscription levels I think.

– Level 1 Free

– Level 1 Premium

– Level 2 Free

– Level 2 Premium

– Level 3 Free

– Level 3 Premium

I am going to make up different registration forms for each of the levels (because I need different info based on what level they choose) and then redirect them to a subscription page.

The question I have is can I only show specific registration options there? I’ll make a special page for this, but can it only have two subscription options somehow.

For example if a user registers as a Level 1 user can I redirect them to a page where I insert shortcode or something to show only the Level 1 – Free and Level 1 – Premium subscription option?

I’m sure there is a way to show only 1 subscription form…