Open a new site with a click (Javascript) on Multisite

I am trying to integrate a map that you can select your state into a multisite footer. Once selected, it would bring the end user to the site within the multisite that has their state data on it. I found this map and integrated it into my wordpress theme: . I'm getting stuck on the "how to hook it to a site onclick" I haven't touched javascript in about 6 years so I am as rusty as its going to get. It looks like there is a method to call on click, but I can't find syntax that works to bind its onclick to a link based on the state state name. Each of the sites I have set up are the full state name "california" for example as sub directories, not subdomains. So for example, if I click on the CA state, I want to go to Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you so much for your help!!