Open "Guest" Course in the Course Press Plugin

I really want to be able to use "Course Press" for Guests as in non-registered users, not every website wants users to logon, I work as a freelance consultant (not WordPress) my website is to showcase my skills and give free information to intermediate Consultants, I was looking at Course Press Pro as a way to bring code examples as units that anyone visiting the site could follow as step by step examples.

I purchased a subscription for Course Press Pro, I read that guests can read the free/teasers posts as a part of the plugin, I have the opinion that if you have to sign up for anything at any point before reading it, it is "No Longer Free", as you have given you name and email in return for the alleged "Free Content".

Here is where I am coming from I do not want "Free" links I want the same interface for guests, I like many many people will close a webpage that is offering free information or an e-learning pdf download, if a webpage asks for my email or to register, as I do not want to be spammed by the site or have my email passed on after.

I would like to be able to share my knowledge to attract future clients without requiring a login, looking at other uses for this plugin no logon could be a valuable feature, it could be used by a company for step by step support guides for a product where login would also not be required.

Thinking "out the box" a little and you have, online manuals with step by step online Instructions for Flat Pack furniture, recipes, growing plants, after market car part online fitting instruction, craft kits, models, anything that is supplied in parts and requires step by step instructions, but does not really require the visitor to register.

For my website I want visitors to be able to follow code instructions for free with no logon, I currently have to split my articles over two or three posts, I work in a professional environment where other consultants would never register as it may reflect on their ability in a negative way.

All I want is the same interface for guests, no "Free" links but the same interface as registered users, it should not be hard if a unit is set as free have the link as active but no questions, answers, scores etc:, maybe instead of have the link say "Log in", that way the unit links can be disables for guests when they are not set to free or the user is not logged in?

I hope I can get some support here for this request from other users ;-/

Kind Regards


  • Patrick

    Hi there @David Cox

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    I saw you also posted a comment over on the blog article:

    So I'll reply here, and simply pop a link to this thread as a reply to your comment over there. :slight_smile:

    The main issue with what you are trying to achieve with CoursePress is that the plugin was designed explicitly to track a student's progress through a course. That requires that the student be enrolled in the course (the plugin simply uses the standard built-in WordPress registration for that... albeit in a slightly customized fashion).

    However (dontcha just love howevers?), you can easily quell any hesitation users may have, as you illustrated above, by allowing for anonymous registration using your email domain. That would allow you to leverage all the features & functionality of the CoursePress plugin as it was designed.

    To enable anonymous registration, simply set up a webmail account at your host via your cPanel, and put up a nice big blurb on your course page instructing users to simply enter their anonymous username with your email domain as their email address when signing up, like so:

    Would that work for you as an alternative?

  • David Cox

    Thanks for your prompt reply, I already have my webmail account, so what you are saying an anonymous user could use their own email or any name they like say, this would give them anonymous access to courses.

    It would be a lot cleaner if the unit name was an active link when set as 'Free' and the existing 'Free' Link changed to 'Log in' on the restricted units if the user is not logged in, the workflow is just not correct having to select a 'Free' link instead of the unit name link.

    I have not given up, I have a local copy so I can play around a bit and try different options.



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