Open Source Crowd Journalism

Crowd sourcing and journo has been on fire lately with likes of wikileaks. i was looking for a plugin for wp that wld enable crowd journo on an indie news site.

low and behold, in good old Birmingham, England, has decided to open source there app for developers to go code crazy.

so, are any wp devs here who want to create a plugin for wp using HMI code?

We may yet be able to take on the Beast aka Murdoch and beat his daily

  • Philip John

    Hey Sagar!

    Well, what a small world!

    The guy who started HMI, Paul Bradshaw is actually a friend/colleague of mine - he hosts his site on my (heavily dependent on WPMU DEV plugins) platform.

    I've also agreed to work on the replacement for the current HMI site! Oh and I'll be meeting up with Paul next week to talk to his MA students about blogging and social capital so I'll mention this to him.

    Back to the topic though.... I've had a desire to create a HMI plugin since it started, to be honest but don't really have the time. I guess if there's the opportunity to do it collaboratively, that might help...

    From a WPMU DEV point of view I'm not sure whether it's too niche to consider? I'll let the others chime in here...


  • sagar

    Hi Phil,

    Wow, it is a small world. I am always on the lookout for hyperlocal sites and apps for inspiration, and your site has boosted my spirits a bit more. Which part of Ole Blighty do you hail from?

    With regards to the plugin, I am not a developer, but I am all hands in to help you in any other way.

    How does your Journal Local site work with hyperlocal?

    p.s. Where is this talk you are giving to the students next week? Would it be possible for me to come to your talk, and network with you all too?

    p.p.s. Have you heard of peoplepods? This looks pretty good too, and I think they have plans for plugging tinto wp too.



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