Opening tabs in the same page by ID


I’m using a plugin called Visual Composer and I’m using some tabs as you can see here:

Inside the About Tab there’s a “click here” link that goes to the MENU TAB but it doesn’t work adding the ID of the tab. If you click the link, it goes to this URL:

If you copy and paste that URL to your browser, you will see that is going to the specific tab.

What are the options here?

Hope you guys can help me as always! almost every day!

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Jose,

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    The issue here is that the “tab” is a very “special” kind of an URL that doesn’t work the same way as an ordinary URL. The link to a particular tab includes an anchor (the “#….” part) which results in that the page isn’t being reloaded by a browser when link is used.

    That’s why browser here isn’t able to switch tabs, it simply tries to “scroll the page” to. The “real” tabs are triggered with some jQuery code which isn’t lunched in this case. To make it work you will most likely have to modify the link code. You may want to try this:

    <ul class="wpb_tabs_nav ui-tabs-nav" role"tablist"=""><li class="ui-state-default" role="tab" tabindex="-1"><a id="ui-id-5" href="#tab-1428965972823-4-2" class="ui-tabs-anchor" role="presentation" style="color: #e77a2a;"><em>click here</em></a></li></ul>

    Just replace the link while in WP editor’s “text” mode with this code and check if it helped. This will however make link look differently so you may need to style it later.

    Let me know if it worked, please!



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