Openinviter, Viralinviter, Buddypress Inviter Batch Sending Email Throttle

Problems with these inviters.

I know that a lot of you have used these inviter. Some were able to install it and some weren't

but the problem doesn't stop there.

I am using a shared host and I know most of us is using it for MU and the problem lies when sending the invites automatically.

Godaddy has limit of 1000 emails per day.
Host gator has a limit of 200 emails per hour.

Thats why PHPlist a list building script has a option called throttle
Simple Machines forum script and Vbulletin has a feature called batch sending.

My question is... is there a way to set this using these scripts
openinviter from, viralinviter from and buddypress inviter?