Opt out for Email Notifacations

I'd love to see an option to opt out of sending this email out for certain posts or page updates. Most times when I add a new post I'll want this email to go out to all my users, but there are some cases where I'm running tests or private pages where I'd like to keep the new update to myself. Would it be possible to put a checkbox in the post page where I could select if I wanted to disable the notification from going out?

On a side note - when I use this plugin, will it only send the notification the first time I publish the post? If I make an update, does the email go out again? If this is the case, I'd also like the option to only have the email go out the first time I publish the post.


Copy Alert: I noticed the following spelling error on your plugin page - 'tan' should be 'than' :slight_smile:

"Enjoy! And if you'd like to see any extra features added - please just drop by the forums, let us know, and we'll more tan likely be able to fit them in for you."