Optimize images 45% bulk smush not working?


I see in the hummingbird that some images needs to resize, but when it doesn't give a option to smush the images. What can i do about it?

Thanks in advance!



  • Lindeni Mahlalela

    Hello Stephanie,

    I noticed that WP Smash Pro reports that it has optimized all your images. Hummingbird recommends that you compress or resize the 4 images it listed. So you should do this in the wordpress media editor to crop them to be the size you are embedding on the pages. This is required because the images have larger dimensions than the ones you are embedding on your pages.

    So take for example, your logo is too large at 442x208 but you are only displaying it as 113.5 x 53.4. You should resize your logo to be exactly the dimensions you will be displaying it on on your website, otherwise the visitor's browser will have to resize the image before rendering it and that will slow the page load.

    I suggest you verify the dimensions of the images that are actually used on the pages, then upload images of those exact dimensions or resize the current ones to those required dimensions and everything should be fine.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.


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