Optimize my site speed

I just activate Hummingbird Pro. I run a test but there is a lots of suggestions coming through. I am not a IT guy. Would it be possible for you to configure the full settings as required/suggested by the Hummingbird?

All I wanted is for the website need to load and run faster and smoother. I also activated Smush Pro. If you don’t mind to have a little look at this one as well to Smush the pictures without loosing the quality.

Just to let you know, I have aws installed and configured So the images all are stored/loaded from AWS and also have WP Rocket

If AWS and Smush CDN are similar then it’s no points for me to install Smush Pro and Hummingbird Pro since I have got AWS and WPRocket.

Is it possible to optimize according to Hummingbird Pro Performance test using WP Rocket. If so can you suggest.