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I just activate Hummingbird Pro. I run a test but there is a lots of suggestions coming through. I am not a IT guy. Would it be possible for you to configure the full settings as required/suggested by the Hummingbird?

All I wanted is for the website need to load and run faster and smoother. I also activated Smush Pro. If you don’t mind to have a little look at this one as well to Smush the pictures without loosing the quality.

Just to let you know, I have aws installed and configured So the images all are stored/loaded from AWS and also have WP Rocket

If AWS and Smush CDN are similar then it’s no points for me to install Smush Pro and Hummingbird Pro since I have got AWS and WPRocket.

Is it possible to optimize according to Hummingbird Pro Performance test using WP Rocket. If so can you suggest.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi James,

    WP Rocket is a third party plugin and I’m afraid that we cannot set up such plugins as part of our support as we’re not familiar with how exactly third party products should be configured.

    We could, of course, explain the results you are getting and include how they are resolved in Hummingbird and Smush.

    First issue I see is the server response (TTFB – time to first byte) time which is quite large.

    This can be improved by enabling page caching and in Hummingbird this can be enabled in configured in Hummingbird > Caching > Page caching panel.

    Default settings should be enough to have caching running but you can configure it further there if there are some page that you don’t want to include in caching.

    Note that page caching can only have a certain effect on TTFB as this is mainly server related and it depends on how fast your server responds to requests sent its way.

    So if you’re unable to get low results after page caching is enabled you should discuss it further with your hosting provider.

    Next thing affecting the speed are the images, there are some that are not properly sized to fit their holder and some of them are not being served in next-gen format.

    I see that you mentioned in chat that your hosting provider offers CDN and should be taking care of these so you will need to check it further with them.

    In Smush you can enable CDN in CDN panel and also enable Auto-Resizing and Serve images in WebP format options.

    With this, Smush CDN will serve images from IMG tags and inline CSS in WebP format and it will also resize them to fit their holder in order to resolve size and format issues.

    Note that using two CDN services will not work in most cases and it will probably cause more harm than good.

    And the last thing that seems to be having a high impact on your score is file optimization, this can be fixed by optimizing your files with minification, combining them, changing load location etc.

    Within Hummingbird > Asset Optimization panel you can enable file optimization and in Advanced mode you can configure optimization for each file separately.

    Note that some files don’t handle optimization properly so when doing this make sure that your site is working fine on the front end if you encounter any issues disable optimization for files that are causing issues.

    Best regards,


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