Option to choose Australian shipping option based on postal code?

Hi guys,

We are going to sell a very limited amount of products (maybe 5-6 different choices) in hopefully large amounts, in Australia for now. Cheapest is to ship them with Fastway couriers as they give a special price, but they don't deliver everywhere. We can use Australia Post for the rest.

We don't really care about the shipping costs as these are quite fixed (and included in the price). But what we need to check is:
- Where does the package go -> postal code
- Does Fastway cover that postal code -> ship with Fastway
- If not - > ship with Ozzie post

Fastway has an API (http://api.fastway.org/latest/docs.html), but as said, we will use an average shipping price and include that, so I think integration is not needed?

1: Is there any way market press can check postal code and divide the orders between fastway/AP accordingly (and mark them as such)?
2: If Fastway supplies a CSV with postal code values, can that be imported/used for this purpose?
3: If this can be done, can I make a selection from the orders and export only the fastway orders (and only the AP orders) as CSV, or at least have them identifiable if all orders are exported?

I welcome your thoughts!
Thanks in advance,
Cheers, P