Option to Hide Membership Details

Hi Guys,

I would like to suggest a feature that might be useful to a lot of developers who are using wonderful plugins / themes on their client sites.

If possible, please add an option to hide personal membership details (my subscription info, downloads etc..) from WPMU Dashboard.

Secondly, I would like to also have an option to disable further plugin / theme installation as I don’t want my client to install any plugin / theme to avoid any screw up to his site.

WPMU Dashboard is important to keep the plugins (installed on the site) up to date but I find it no way useful to have it if it shows my details to the clients.

Note: I know you might propose some suggestions to remove branding from wp-config hacks, Hide it with some other plugins, or setup another account for client with wpmudev dashboard hidden etc…

But the point is, why on the earth I should do these hacks if there is just a simple option to hide it completely and or partially and only have relevant info other than what I have purchased, what I am doing on wpmu forum and what I downloaded etc… visible to the client.

Hope you find my suggestion valid as I have gone through this issue as discussed in this thread:


Final Words:

Please add a feature to dashboard plugin (may be for dev license only) to hide it completely from site / disable options to install or to view profile / license details.

Looking forward to hearing from you.