Option to only display new blogs that have atleast 1 post.

I would love to see there be an option for when new blogs are displayed on your homepage that only the blogs with atleast 1 post are displayed. This way you do not end up with a bunch of new blogs using the default avatar and only the welcome message on your homepage.

What do you all think of this idea? I think it could help to make our WPMU sites seem a lot more active and not have so many dead blogs linked to our home page.

  • Andrew
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    Which feature/plugin are you referring to? There are a ton of plugins that display latest blogs and latest posts on the main blog. If you're looking for an overall solution that would apply to all of the plugin then you would need to alter the way WPMU updates the last_updated column. In that case the suggestion needs to be made over here:

    I don't really see anything changing though.


  • codysweet02
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    Hey Andrew,

    I am still working on my site but I was looking over at WrestleBlogs.com and on his sidebar he has the "Newest Blogs" section which I believe is created using the Users Widgets plugin but I could be mistaken.

    See how on his "Newest Blogs" section most of the blogs have no posts and no avatars. I thought it would be much nicer if it only displayed blogs that have atleast 1 post so readers dont end up looking through 7 or 8 blogs which all have no posts on them.

  • Andrew
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    It looks like they're using the blogs widget.

    I thought it would be much nicer if it only displayed blogs that have atleast 1 post

    The problem with that solution is that it adds a count query for each blog displayed. For sites that don't have a caching solution in place and are displaying a ton of blogs that's a ton of additional queries on the main page.

    Adding caching into the widget itself is not an option because no matter how much we advertise the caching we'll get a ton of complaints about the widget not working because a new blog didn't show up instantly.


  • drmike
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    Just for reference, each blog does have a post count option if you want to check against that before displaying a link or whatever else you were planning on. Option name is 'post_count' just to let you know.

    I do suggest setting the check to be higher than 1 though. New blogs start off with a count of 1 already with the default post. :slight_smile:

  • Ovidiu
    • Code Wrangler

    sorry to revive this old thread but my question fits in here:

    is this widget not supposed to show the latest updated blogs?
    to me it seems it shows the last created blogs....

    there is a big difference there...

    any other plugin/widget that shows the last updated blogs?
    I know I was displaying those prior to some updated :slight_frown:

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