Option to search specifically in forum being browsed

Hello WPMU DEV team,

Here are some valuable ideas that I think will be fairly easy to implement. If implemented it should help improve support efficiency by making finding answers faster and easier for users. It should also reduce wasted support time on duplicate topic postings.

Shucks, now it will take us all longer to hit that 1000 points :slight_smile:

I noticed that when I click, “Forum, Live Help & Support” and go to a specific forum for a plugin or theme that there is no option to search directly in that forum. This has to be wasting staff time answering similar questions repeatedly.

When someone is having a problem with, or has a question about a specific plugin or theme… They can currently only search all the existing forums. The search result inundates them with to much unrelated stuff – so they post even if it duplicates another question or comment.

Two things would help reduce this.

1) Next to the “Search existing forum threads” box and the “Search The Forums” button, add a drop down list which allows a choice of “All Forums” or “This Forum” and change the search button text to just “Search”. Set the default to “This Forum” if they are in a Plugin or Theme forum. Alternatively you could put two buttons to choose from. This would be easier for the user, but is a little harder to set up.

2) When someone submits a post allow them to mark it as a question or a problem. Then allow users to to narrow their search by either. This way the most relevant posts are easier to find and will further reduce duplicate topic posting.

Hope you find this helpful.