Option to set Stripe rebill if the payment fails after X days

Many issues with those who credit cards were not billed the first time.
Stripe tries 3x if the first 2 failed. But that information is not passed along to Membership 2 Pro. So then Membership 2 Pro cancels the member, but the user may have successfully paid on the 2nd or 3rd attempt
This is so vital that I started to search for a more reliable membership platform. I cannot be chasing subscribers for billing issues that are caused by my plugins, not by my users.
Can you please make this a feature request for Stripe integration?
This should definitely be on the screen where you enter your Live and Secret key information. How many days grace period, and it should then send them to Stripe where they also choose if Stripe should rebill if the payment fails after X days
I can't imagine I'm the only one with a bunch of users who are no longer technically subscribed even though they think they are...
Also, I've noticed STripe can even keep billing even though Membership 2 Pro has canceled their membership. So the two platforms are totally not talking to each other.
And the user thinks they've canceled when they log into the website, but Stripe still has them on the subscription
Here is the link that should be included: https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/recurring
It goes to something called "Smart Retries" so it looks like they changed it from what I thought it was before (3 day retry intervals). Now it's "smart" and it tries up to 4 times within X amount of time. It might be that Membership 2 Pro recurring subscriptions with Stripe need to be manually configured via "custom dunning rules" and that is something required during stripe setup for subscriptions otherwise how can Membership 2 Pro know what Stripe is doing?

Also, you can see Stripe deals with updating expiring credit cards. So it's possible that Membership 2 Pro doesn't even need to include updating credit cards if instead it had an option to sync with Stripe's system.
One last link to Stripe's documentation
At this link: https://stripe.com/docs/billing/lifecycle
Scroll down to "Subscription settings and recovery" and see "Automatic payment" for their documentation on the Smart Retries

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello stripedrhino,

    We spoke with developers about your request and at the moment there is define in Membership 2 Pro:

    define('MS_PAYMENT_DELAY', 5);

    that would allow you to add grace period for recurring payments. That define should be placed in wp-config.php file.

    I will create a task for our developers to check if it will be possible to reactivate cancelled subscription in Membership if Stripe sends payment notification again on success.

    We will keep you posted about the results.

    kind regards,

  • stripedrhino

    Kasia Swiderska

    This is great, thank you. I'll add this to my wp-config file. I still have a question for the developers on this though:

    After adding this in does this mean that MS2P will be communicating with Stripe and being updated on when Stripe resets its retry option? Meaning, if I change Stripe so that it tries to bill 3 times, once every 3 days, then should I be setting the grace period to 9 days? Or will it get reset each time Stripe tries to bill and fails?


  • stripedrhino

    Hello Kasia Swiderska,

    So this question was prompted because I had a user transition from Paid to Canceled status due to their credit card declining the first time. As previously discussed, Stripe is going to try to rebill them in a few more days, but they're now considered cancelled according to MS2P... is there anything that the user or I can do to get their status moved from cancelled back to paid? Or, is my only option now to remove the charge in Stripe, completely remove them from the membership in MS2P and have them manually re-register to the membership?

    Thanks again

  • Panos

    Hi there stripedrhino ,

    I have already checked the transactions logs and chat information you shared, however it's still not clear what happened with that member.

    But as there are other questions in the thread let me try cover those first. As there seems that the payments were not successful, after one day Membership 2 will set the subscription as expired. With the define mentioned by Kasia, it extends the grace period so it is expired after that number of days.

    In cases that you need to extend the subscription expiration date manually, by changing the Expire date in the Edit Member page ( at admin > Membership 2 > All members ).

    As for what happened to member 418, as i said still it's unclear. As I understand there was a refund on the 25th. From your billing info here :
    there was also a successful payment received on 25th. At that point the subscription should have been extended. After that, the subscription was still set as expired?

    Perhaps looking at your Stripe logs of that day would help. Could you create an invitation for panos.lyrakis@incsub.com so I could have a look at your stripe logs? You can do that from your Stripe account under the Stripe Dashboard > Business Settings > Team. Click on Add new user ad insert the email mentioned above. Make sure you set the role to Developer

    Kind regards!

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