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Id like to find out if it is possible to add a check box to my woocommerce registration to include the registered email to the subscribe by email plugin. I don't think the plugin has been designed with this specifically in mind, but it would be nice if this is an easy work around. Is this an easy task?



  • Patrick

    Hi there @leigh

    I hope you are having a great day!

    Can you add shortcode-generated content to your registration form? If so, then you could use the subscribe-by-email-form shortcode to include the subscribe form in there.

    Users could then simply opt-in to your list while they are filling out the Woo registartion form.

    Granted, they would need to enter their email address again in the form. But you could customize the text of the Subscribe by Email form to let them know they can enter an different address if they wish, or copy/paste the one they've already entered as their registration email.

    Alternatively, you could write a small script to auto-populate that field with the email address they have entered for their registration, and hide the field with a bit of CSS.

    Please let us know if these suggestions might work for and, if not or if you need more help with this, post again and we'll dig in some more.


  • leigh


    What is the shortcode? I have looked around and can't see it anywhere. The registration form is generated by woocommerce automatically and isn't a set page on the website. It is going a bit beyond my skills to insert this into woocommerce coding. If I inserted it into the page that holds the woocommerce cart shortcode, then it will be in every page during and post sale which would not really look great. I'm not really sure how I would go from here or it is a lot of effort to achieve successfully.


  • Ash

    @Patrick I hope you wouldn't mind me chiming in.

    @leigh, I think the shortcode won't work in this case. Though here is the shortcode:


    This code will add the form in the same page, but users still needs to fill this form and submit for being subscribed.

    For integrating the checkbox, you need to hook the woo's registration code and add custom code in there.

    You also can consider our e-newsletter plugin where all registered member are auto added in the subscription list.

    Otherwise, you can post a job in our job board where you can hire a developer to assist further: https://premium.wpmudev.org/wpmu-jobs/


  • Patrick

    Hi again @leigh

    I hope you're well today!

    Whoops, sorry for not illustrating the shortcode clearly enough (thanks @Ashok ). You can also find it mentioned on the plugin usage page, right after point #8 in the "Configuring the Settings" section:

    However, Ashok's suggestion of using e-Newsletter as an alternative may be an easier option for you as you can set any newsletter you have created as welcome newsletter that is automatically sent to new registered users.

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