Options are not saving

I'm trying to save options on the page at domain.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=membership2-protection&tab=category

Nothing is being saved. It's not a browser issue because I tested on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Also my connection si fine -- I tested both a direct connection and going through 2 different VPNs from 2 other countries.

Under "Who Has Access" I click the "Modify Access" link and a then I select a subscription. It quickly shows the rotating gif that shows it is saving and then all seems fine. But when I return to the page it shows no selection/option was made. I keep trying to save, but nothing happens.

Any ideas what is happening?

Also, when I go to a specific Post and select Enable Protection "on" and then choose a subscription for "access", it still allows viewing of the post with no registration/subscription. If I select "access" to off, the same behavior remains -- it allows viewing of the Post.