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I just baught your module and i really enjoy it.

I have 3 questions:

1. Is it possible to had fields to the form ? it’s very important for my client because he want to know the car’s model of his customers. If not how it is possible to do it by myself or your team (extra charges)

2.Is it possible to had differents price depending of the hours? ex: 10am = 50 $ and 11am=65$?

3. Where can i find the french files for translation plz?

Thanks you

Best regards

Richard Guéron

  • Hakan
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    1) I think you can simply do this by changing one of the unused fields. For example if you don’t use address field, modifying confirmation shortcode like this will ask car model instead of address:

    [app_confirmation address="Your car model"]

    For more advanced options to customize fields, please see this thread:


    2) Yes, that is possible. Please see this post (Apply step 6 only):


    3) We do provide translation facility, but don’t provide translation files themselves. So someone who made French translation should share it.



  • totalwebdesign
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    Thank u Hakan, with this i will be able to resolve my problems.

    I have few more questions :

    4. is it possible to show the different prices directly on each cell of the schedule?

    5. on the schedule again, is it possible to display under each day the date? ex: monday 14/01

    6.finally ^^ is it possible on the form to have a specific field with multiple choice input? (very important for my client)

    Really thanks you for your support

  • totalwebdesign
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    Hello hakan and Thank for the very Quick answer.

    4: Well it s Not very important in fact but my client show me some exemples and in one you had this but Again Not really important

    5. Ok for Javascript have you got something i can begin With ? Some Javascript exemple on how i Can Display the date i am Not An expert in Javascript unfortunatly .

    6. Thanks :wink:

  • totalwebdesign
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    Hello again :wink:

    Sorry i don’t have enaugh knwoledges in php

    About question 1 and 6 :

    i follow the link and i tried to modify your php code in order to do what i want.

    i work with online test page:

    With the code you provided i have modified it “mark as carburant” but i don’t know how modify the code to display the information in the back office on “active appointments”. i guess i need to create a database table?

    // Adding a drop down list in A+

    function add_carb_select( $ret ) {
    $add = '<label><span>Carburant</span><form action="" id="appointments_carb">
    <select name="carburant">
    <option value="Essence">Essence</option>
    <option value="Diesel">Diesel</option>
    <option value="Gaz">Gaz-Gpl</option>
    <option value="Hybride">Hybride</option>
    <option value="Electricité">Electricité</option>
    return $ret . $add;
    add_filter( 'app_additional_fields', 'add_carb_select');

    Best thanks

  • totalwebdesign
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    Sorry WPMU team i had too many questions on the same thread and i know you are very busy.

    To clarify this thread i will try to make a resume of all my questions:

    1. and 6. : as mention on my last answer, i don’t know excatly how to display the new information in the backoffice with the code you provided in the other thread.

    2.: It’s ok i can change the price depending of the hours, is it possible to do it depending of the day? and give a specific color to this different price on the grid?

    3: i work on the french translation and will give it to you asap.

    4. solved

    5. if you have a starting code or a clue in javascript to help me, it would be really nice.

    7. I want to hide completly Sunday , how can i do that?

    8. Is it possible to disable any appointments when it’s the same day? ex: today i could not make any appointments

    Really big thank you for your time, your support and your knowledge.


  • Hakan
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    1 and 6. I am sorry, but you cannot do this without enough knowledge in php PLUS WordPress. So I suggest you to hire a developer.

    5. What has been written above is also true for javascript. Modifying/Overriding A+ javascript codes are not for -sorry, but- beginners as this is a very sophisticated plugin.

    2. Yes that is possible. Modify the comparison function based on days. But the sample is so clear that you should not be asking this.

    7. Select working hours as No for Sunday will disable the day. “Hiding” a day is not supported, but with some css tricks, it *may* be possible, but never tried that.

    8. That is also possible:




  • totalwebdesign
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    Hi Hakan, finally thank you for all your answers, i will try to resolve myself my few javascript problems and if not able as you said i will hire a dev.

    2. English is not my native language i have maybe read it too quickly :wink: same for the color i guess

    7. i did that, but i wanted to don’t display at all on the grid.

    8. thanks working like a charm.


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