Options to monetize buddypress

Over the past 5 months I think I have tried to explore every single option to monetize a social network effectively without exceeding the 5 figure mark.

Well, now it’s getting pretty close to that and I sadly don’t have a confident solution.

I’ve gone through php fox, dzoic handshakes, amember / buddypress (failed) to now finally seeing light at the end of a long, dark tunnel with wpmudev.

I am so close, but keep on running into road blocks. To cut to the chase where I am now…

Analyzing the supporter, pay to blog and upgrades option, I have decided to stick with the supporter plugin, as Andrew also mentioned that the affiliate plugin will be based on that.

The supporter plugin is great, but I need to position a sales letter somewhere within the signup.

My current solution is as follows:

1. Hack the supporter.php file into a sales letter format with paypal buttons as mentioned here:


2. Redirect to supporter.php once a user has completed the signup and logs in.

This so far seems like the best solution (unless anyone has any other solutions?)

I would like to have a membership site with the power of the supporter plugin, as well as hide specific content for members only (a discussion for another thread)

Andrew mentions the hacking is possible, but my outsourced programmer says this:

the plugin settings mainly dictates what is displayed to the members…

changing it to conform and use front-end stylesheet is possible but risk of making the wp-admin dysfunctional is high..

Is this true? Or, what is my way around this?

I am open to change direction to a different plugin if need be.