Options to save content before a restore and add it to the site after.

My site has been hacked and I´m about to do a restore going back as far as I can. Lots of work and rankings will be lost.

Can I copy individual posts and pages and add them back after the restore? I have unused domains but mabe multisite will do the trick.

I wasn´t going to start a multisite for another few months but now might be the right time after all.

Any suggestions in regards to restoring the site are welcome.



Hopefully you are the bearer of good news.

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Howdy @Carl

    I think its best to copy the text into a plain file and paste it back as opposed to an export. Im not sure how deep the hack went but if invisible links are left behind to malicious sites an export will move them over as well.

    Yeah .. multisite has been stable for a while now. Good time to update. Im not sure how you backup ( plugin based / cPanel / file system backup ) etc .. but the best way is to actually take time and identify HOW the hack happened and fix it by restoring instead of resorting arbitrarily and hoping for the best :slight_smile:


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