Order by categories and Coupon per item features request

Hi all,

I installed Marketpress 2.1.1 full edition and need some function that are missed, so ask to you :slight_smile:

Regarding Coupons, it’s possible only to add $ or % but in a situation of different kind of items, if I have products that costs 1$ and 100$, or physical and downloadable, it’s completely different to have a coupon of 10$ or 30% and isn’t too useful to manage coupons that have value for the entire stock.

What I ask and that think it’s useful for all e-shops, it’s a coupon system where each coupon could be assigned to general or category/ies or product.

In Store settings, should be useful to have a “Category” feature, to list products, so the order could be (alphabetically or category ID, desc or asc) Category>Product.

What your thoughts?

Thanks in advance