Order Confirmation message not what I want

The “Order Confirmation” message shows my desired modifications on the settings page but what actually shows up when a customer places an order is the standard message.

This message does say “no html allowed”, but it does not indicate that the words should not be changed.

Is there a way to get this to show the text that I want or am I stuck with the standard message.

Here is what I am trying to say:


“Thank you for your order CUSTOMERNAME!

Hardcopy books are generally shipped on the following day.

Digital books can be downloaded from either of two places: 1) Click on the “Order Status” link at the end of this message, or 2) a link for the download is provided in an email that has just been sent to you.

If you need to contact me regarding this order, please refer to your Order ID (ORDERID) in your message.”


Anybody able to help with this?

30 minutes later ….

Just discovered that the text entered into the Settings/messages/Order confirmation and settings/messages/order shipped shows up in the emails sent to the customer, not on the web page called “Order confirmation”.

I was trying to put a modified message on the web page. I suspect this would involve editing the plug-in???? And I am certainly not comfortable messing around with the code for MarketPress. Am I correct in thinking that what I wanted to do would involve editing the plug-in code?

  • DavidM
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    Hi cyberneticapress,

    Sorry for the delay here but in looking into it, you’re right, the confirmation message displayed on the site doesn’t have an option in the interface.

    It is, however, available as a translatable term in the language file (marketpressmarketpress-includeslanguagesmp-default.po) and you could perhaps alter that within the language file or with another language file.


    Perhaps that’ll work for you?


  • Mason
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    As we haven’t heard back from you we’re going to assume the problem was sorted out and mark this ticket as resolved.

    If it wasn’t resolved, or you have any more questions related to this thread please feel free to post them below and tick the ‘Mark as Not Resolved (re-open)’ box below the post area (or else we’ll miss it!)

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