Order Status Tracking not Global?

Hello all

Been playing with Marketpress in the hope that it is the solution to my ecommerce needs. Latest version of Wordpress/Marketpress.

I've just placed an order for a product and received the confirmation email. There is a link on the email to track the order status which works fine. However, if I browse to my main site, the order ID code only works in the store the item was purchased from.

Is it possible to do a global order ID search that will work on any store.

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    Greetings cml,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    Is it possible to do a global order ID search that will work on any store.

    Unfortunately and fortunately there is not and how important this is would be relevant to specific store configuration. Please allow me to explain.

    If the store or mall to be more accurate in the case of having other stores, were all mine, then I could see where this may be an inconvenience, like K-Mart and having department stores but really it is all one store.

    But the way Market Press was intended to be used in what I believe you were briefly describing is your scenario which is a mall type situation.

    With this in mind I cannot go the the malls office with my receipt and get anything addressed, I must go to the individual store.

    This in effect protects all the other stores and the mall itself from liability.

    I can assure you from experience and the stupidity of people I have dealt with in both the real retail arena or the internet marketing arena, whether real or temporary, if they cannot identify exactly where and whom they bought something from there will indeed be a lot of grief.

    It is also my opinion and I can prove it with our own chain of stores, that most of the traffic will not come from the front end, it will come from searches identifying individual products from within an individual vendor and most of the visitors never see the front end.

    With the way you have suggested to make this work, I go to the Radio Shack store and look up my order for a chainsaw from Sears and then when I go to complain I am facing the Radio Shack people whom then have to tell me they did not sell it to me and I have to go to the sears store.

    Then I say well I bought it here and my order shows etc. etc.

    It is my opinion from experience that having the people identify with each individual store and checking there orders at that store is by far the best policy or imagine being bad mouthed and liable or more accurately someone trying to hold you liable for something that you had nothing to do with.

    I know maybe I think too far ahead when it comes to it and consider the issue too deeply, or maybe it was just the perspective you indeed needed to understand.

    I have left this ticket open of course pending your reply to my thought provoking perspective and personally wanting to hear what you think of my carefully thought out real world perspective relative to this issue.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

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