Ordering Process and More in MarketPress eCommerce

We're trying to help create an ecommerce solution for a client of ours and I wanted to check on a few of their requirements, if MarketPress could be a good solution.

This is the current provider they're using called EZ Cater: https://www.ezcater.com/store/caterer/39362070?c=colorado-smokehouse-fountain (not our actual client, just to show you functionality)

The basics of the form and options for ordering are important, but there are a few things I wasn't sure if MarketPress can do or not.

1. Make an 'account' for the end user?
2. Store orders in their account so end user can look back and re-order an order?
3. Suspend/Save an order if end user needs to come back to it before submitting?
4. A way for the CLIENT to 'Approve' orders before processed (what if they're out of something and need to contact clients and change part of the order before processing, etc.)?

  • Vaughan

    Hi Information Experts

    Hope you're well?

    #1 Yes, MP uses the Wordpress users accounts & registration system. Users can either create an account on checkout, or checkout as a guest. You can of course also force users to create an account which means they have to login each time in order to pay.

    #2 Yes, users can view previous order history on the /order-status page.
    However, there isn't a function or button to re-order automatically. It gives them the order number which a user can click, it then tells them what was ordered etc. They can click the product link on that page and it will send them to that product item in the store where they can add that product to the cart again.

    #3 MP stores the cart items in a cookie on their computer, so if they come back later, it will still be there, however, that means if they use a different browser or device, they will not be able to see the previous cart items.

    #4 MP has an inventory/stock quota system where it can monitor stock levels. However, an admin can also see all orders in the orders section where they can manually change the status of the item.

    Hope this helps