Organization name in Membership plugin

I have the membership plugin working in all aspects, but have a suggestion to the developers.

One major flaw in the software is the ability to easily add an organization name to the user profile and have that searchable. My customer would easily want to know what organizations are subscribers, and wouldn't want to search each user's profile to see where they work.

At first I used extended (CIMY) fields, and modified the registration form. While that effort works well, it doesn't make itself searchable in the all members management form, since the only thing that is searchable is the fields held in the user table, not the user meta table.

To solve this (big time hack here) I am using the user nice name field (which is in the user table) to hold the organization name. The nice name field is one of the fields that are searchable, so the all members page now displays the nice name and it is searchable.

This is hardly a good solution, since I had to change many of the membership plugin pages, and also one of the WP core files (user.php) to accomodate this hack.

Is there a better way to go here? Ideally, the membership form would be able to search CIMY extended profile fields, and make the all members table configurable so that the admin could pick and choose which fields to show.

The bottom line question, is there a way to make the all members management form search user meta information so that we could easily use a meta value searchable?


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @steve199

    I hope you're having a great day!

    Yep, I just tested by adding a custom column to the All Members screen to fetch the user's website as entered in the Contact Info section of their profile, but that is not searchable either.

    That part was easy. :slight_smile:

    What I can't figure out is, like you, how to include the data in the custom column in the search.

    I've asked our 2nd-level support wiz-kids to join in here to see if one of them can provide some insight into how we can get custom data included in search.

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