Organization wide access by email domain

The membership plugin is the perfect solution for controlling the access to our content. However, we are looking to provide access to all of an organization's members. I'd like to know if the membership plugin could handle this. Below is an example.

Company A wants to purchase a membership to the site. They would have a primary contact who would be responsible for purchasing the membership. Once their membership is active all of Company A's employees would have access to the site so long as their contact maintained their subscription. So if maintains their membership, anyone with a email address could have access to the content upon registering for the site. The primary contact would receive renewal requests while the membership for their employees would be based on the primary contact maintaining the company's membership. Is there a way to set this up? Maybe by providing organization specific coupon codes?

Thanks for all your support.

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    That sounds like a fantastic idea, I could certainly see this feature being put to some good use.

    Its not currently a feature however, We could make this into a feature request and see how much support it gets from other members. Basically the more support for its implementation we get then the more likely it will get implemented.

    I will also ping the developer on this to see if he has any plans on implementing such a feature.

  • reachcreative
    • New Recruit

    I am also interested in this membership scenario. My site is a business network; therefore, I would like to offer company-wide "bundled" memberships as opposed to individual memberships.

    For example, I may set a subscription level and price of $50 for 1-5 company employee access, and another subscription level of $100 for 6-25 employees with access, etc.

    I would envision this working through one account coordinator per company, but each employee with membership access would have his or her own profile on the site.

    This would be a vital upgrade for business-based social networks.

  • reachcreative
    • New Recruit

    Until the company-wide membership access "bundles" (See my previous post) can be considered and programmed, are there any work-arounds for this problem?

    For example, would there be any way to set up suscriptions such as the following and somehow link them together? For example:

    Establish a subscription level for basic company access, say $100. Then set up another subscription level to pay $25 for each employee with access?

    There would have to be some kind of way to ensure that the basic $100.00 level has been paid first, or the XYZ Company Administrator could sign up for the basic and additional employees all at one time.

    Any suggestions how I, as the site owner, can set this up and use it until the "bundled" function can be officially added to the Membership plugin?

    Or could, the market plugin handle this situation? If, so, how would it tie back to the membership registration data. Deperately looking for a solution. Please advise.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    I'm not aware of any utility like this for WordPress. It would be cool though so we'll consider it as part of your feature suggestion here. Would love to have other members weight in here on whether they're looking for this or not.

    While we'll consider it, I wouldn't expect we'd be able to get this out in the immediate future. We've got a rather large update for membership in the works right away. Once we've got it out the door we'll be looking to add some new features.

    Thanks again for the feedback and ideas!

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