Organize Features Suggestions & Feedback by Plugin Name


Could the Feature Suggestions & Feedback be organized by plugin? It would be a lot easier to find info and vote on desired features.

I have been trying to find my desired features for the Support System plugin in the Feature Suggestions & Feedback section but only made it through the first 20 pages or so. I don't have the time to check all 200+ pages in the Feature Suggestions & Feedback section of the forums.

I am going to create a new suggestion, but I know, from other posts, that the features I want are somewhere in the Feature Suggestions & Feedback.

Do you combine similar feature requests to total the feature's votes?



  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    we have a different system completely that these requests (when staff add them officially) they get sent to a different system where the developers list bugs & track features/bugs etc. a bit like Trac.

    though i have heard plans for revamping the features & feedback section, so i believe it may be on the cards, but i can't provide any ETA's the developers are currently working hard on other new features & plugins/themes at moment.

    thanks for the feedback though, we will take note :slight_smile:

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