Organizing "Title Tags" and "Meta Descriptions"


I ask here, as every suggestion from WPMUdev staff and members are usually dead-on compared to Search engine queries.

a)Will using the same keyword in metadata throughout hundreds of posts affect my SEO when relevant to the website? In example

Title tag:
We have coupons for (shop name) right here!

Meta description:
Save hundreds on our 2-1 offer by using our (shop name) voucher code.

b) I have certain offers that does not expire, but I wish to increase visibility in SE. Will a dynamic (where you slightly change some data in the metadata) work better than a static text?

Title tag:
We have coupons for (shop name) right here! - February 2015 (then change to March when calendar shows March)

Meta description:
Save hundreds on our 2-1 offer by using our (shop name) voucher code. This offer was last checked february 2015

c) Is there a way for me to organize my posts title tags and meta descriptions?

I am looking for something that allows me to fetch an overview over all my posts and present all their title tags and meta descriptions in a orderly fashion, like a numbered list with editing properties.


  • Patrick

    Hi there @Dan-Louis

    I hope you're having a great day!

    Let's start with a)...

    - Meta keywords, and other on-page elements, are being considered less and less as individual elements by search engine algorithms as they get smarter and smarter. SEs are getting much more focused on off-page criteria such as time-on-site, pages-visited, bounce-rate, etc.

    That said, the most important thing that is considered is content relevance. So if the keywords you are using are indeed relevant to the content that is actually found by SE bots, then those keywords would definitely be given a certain importance. The opposite is equally true: if the keywords are not relevant to the content, page-rank will be negatively affected.

    So if the keyword(s) you are using in multiple posts are relevant to the post content and site content as a whole, then that could indeed benefit your ranking. Using the site name as a keyword is certainly relevant, but I believe the SEs would tend to ignore repetitive occurrences of the sitename.

    On to b)...

    That can get a bit tedious if you have to update the meta tags for hundreds of offers every month. To save you that headache, and improve your SEO efforts, you may want to consider using canonical URLs for your content that changes like that. See this Google article for more on that:

    And now c)...

    There is indeed a way for you to organize your meta tags, plus a whole lot more awesome stuff, using our Infinite SEO plugin:

    For example, you can build dynamic meta tags using an extensive collection of macros as seen in the screenshot below.

    And you can set meta data for individual posts, as well as canonical URLs as described above.

    Please do take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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